Jungli Slumber enters 15 Knots

Jungli Slumber is an ambient-pop soloist based artist on Karta (Kangaroo Island). His music churns a mellow atmosphere, and captivates the senses.

We are lucky at 15 Knots to have an album specially made for the studio, and look foward to you all melt on to the massage table to the easy flow of the beats of 15 Knots Massage Studio.

Ere Perez Product Spotlight: Papaya SOS Marmalade.

repair + protect + rescue

Skin rehab in a vital soothe-all marmalade balm. Rescue your skin with this nourishing cocktail of coconut, hemp, chia, grapefruit oil & fermented papaya that helps to hasten the delivery of essential antioxidants & vitamins to the skin. An ultra-repairing formula to soothe any little abrasions, skin freakouts, dryness, insect bites or scars. This balm melts into skin and is useful to heal and protect. Designed for face/hands/feet/ body/hair. An all-in-one remedy rich in zinc, magnesium & potassium. Calendula calms inflammation to aid in your skin’s healing, chia adds omegas. Use a lot or a little, ideal for travel and all of life’s adventures, big and small.

15 Knots Hot Tip: use as a soft alternative to exfoliate and deep cleanse for the face. A little applied in circular motions from the chin upwards to the forehead and gently over the eye area, and removed with a wet compress leaves your skin soft and dewy. Ready for a fantastic makeup application or a makeup free day.

15 Knots Celebrates 500 Massages.

Thursday 12 August 2021 marks a very special milestone at 15 Knots Massage Studio. On this day we celebrated our 500th Massage.

It has been fantastic to meet everyone and see how massage can easily fit into a regular routine, and in turn, how people on Kangaroo Island are thinking about using and moving their bodies.

To celebrate, the 500th massage recipient was happy to take home his goodie-bag, of Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Creme, Beauty Bites, and his own 15 Knots Mug!

Relaxation vs. Remedial vs. Sports Massage

When deciding on what massage to book in for at 15 Knots, the the goal of the session will be considered to make the best recommendation for each guest.

Relaxation is often thought of as light massage, but pressure may vary from light-medium-firm depending on preference. The aim of a relaxation session is to balance the body and mind in a rhythmical and flowing full body experience. No particular area is focused on, as the body is relaxed and restored.

Remedial Massages are designed to plan around your individual body imbalances and myofacial trigger points. Various techniques may be used, and follow up sessions may be suggested. Private Health Rebates can be offered for Remedial Massage. 15 Knots also has a HICAPS terminal for on the spot claims.

Sports Massage is planned around your sports season or regular sporting events or routines. Sports Massage has three main areas – Pre, Post, and Recovery Massage. These sessions revolve around your routines and sports and injuries that are acquired during activites. Sports Massages sessions vary from Crisis Massages before games and events to ensure your body is agile for your sporting event to Recovery sessions a few days post event. 15 Knots Massage Studio is here to help you perform at your best and enjoy your favourite sporting activity.

When you feel 15 Knots.

Knots is the colloquial term for Myofacial Trigger Points. This exquisite point of tenderness and tension often leads to muscle pain and discomfort.

At 15 Knots book in for a Remedial Massage to work on your Myofacial Trigger Points. Guided by how your body is presenting on the day of your appointment, the most suitable massage plan will be chosen to work on your aches and pains to bring you back into balance.

Remedial Massage does not always mean strong and firm. Remedial – think Remedy for your discomfort – 15 Knots massages are holistic and look at all areas of concern.

At 15 Knots your therapist will always check in with you to ensure that the pressure and techniques are perfect for your needs.

Book your Initial Remedial Massage to plan the Remedy to your Myofacial Trigger Points.

Introducing Ere Perez.

15 Knots Massage Studio is a proud stockist of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. It is a boutique Australian beauty brand – based on science and the power of plants and Australian Native Botanicals.

Ere Perez was created by a woman of the same name. A childhood spent in Mexico with a traditional medicine man grandfather and a mother’s flair for home remedies & beauty recipes, made Ere curious about nature and healing. She obtained a Bachelor in Nutrition and Certification in Naturopathy, Bach flowers and Acupuncture. Ere emigrated to Australia with her rich cultural heritage and dreamed of her own natural beauty line. In 2002, her dream was realised and Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics was born in Bondi Beach, Sydney. For Ere, natural beauty is about how you live your life, how you connect with the world and how you nourish your body — inside and out.

life is short & beautiful.

let’s focus on the things that really matter. simplify your life, make the most of your time, celebrate your unique beauty & remember that laughter is the best medicine.

Ere Perez

person stretching

What’s in a Name. Why 15 Knots?

Ainslie decided at 15 that she was interested in Massage Therapy as a career. After completing her first Massage Course at 15 years old – her mind was set that this was the field for her. Hense the number 15. Do you have plenty of knots bothering you? 15 Knots Massage Studio is here to help.

Ainslie had always aimed to be an all-rounder as a therapist, studying and working in various Clinics, Relaxation Centres, Luxury Spas, and Football Clubs while continually keeping educated on various techinques from Lymphatic Drainage to Sports and Remedial to Hot Stone Massage. Ainslie created 15 Knots Massage Studio as a space for everyone to feel comfortable where they can rest assured that they are receiving a tailor-made massage with luxury in mind.

15 Knots is committed to keeping massages accessible. You can easily book online for an instantly confirmed appointment, or call or text and Ainslie will make time to focus on your areas of concern.

New Book Release: RockStar Spa

Ainslie had been managing the prestigous Luxury Lodge Spa, Southern Spa, at Southern Ocean Lodge from October 2014, up until the summer fires of 2020 when it was destroyed. During her time there, she penned her management style and has released a book for up and coming Spa Leaders to gain knowledge and perspective from her experiences. It is available in print and as an ebook. RockStar Spa: spa leadership guide is available on Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes and Noble, Apple Play and Kobo.

Massage day is only a day that ends in Y