15 Knots is not your average Massage Studio. It is the creation of Ainslie Colless, 15 Knots is a Massage Space with luxury in mind. With 15 years experience in the Massage and Spa industry, with a focus on Luxury Lodges of Australia, Ainslie has been creating tailor-made Luxury Spa Sessions from the Whitsundays, to the Blue Mountains, the red desert sands of Uluru, and Kangaroo Island. Ainslie has thousands of happy customers all around the world. A lover of skincare, Ainslie has studied Cosmetic Chemistry and Facials under the guidance of key industry trainers and consultants. 15 Knots choses to stock Ere Perez, for its powerful botanical easy to use skincare and makeup, perfect for Kangaroo Island. Ainslie studied her Dipolma of Remedial Massage in Queensland in 2004 which lead to further training Sports Massage, Aromatherpy, Pregnancy Massage and Oncology Massage. 15 Knots is here to support you and your body in health and wellness.


Every massage we create is unique and tailored just for you. Tell us how you are feeling and where you would like the focus of your session and we will take care of the rest.


We hand-select the products that we work with and are committed to continual industry education and advise.


Our philosophy is simple: Its in our name. 15 Knots. You don’t need 15 Knots in your body. Have a massage.

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It’s Massage Day.